Vanguard Zombies – How to Play Shi-No-Numa Reborn Hidden Music Easter Eggs

A classic when it comes to Treyarch Zombies maps, the Easter Egg music was arguably the first Easter Egg ever introduced to the mode that became the cornerstone of the game. Call of Duty series. In the return of the Shi-No-Numa card to Call of Duty: Vanguard, the return of the Easter Egg map music also made a return. For players who want to listen to a tune while slicing through zombies in the Dead Swamp, you’ll want to know how to turn on the music. This guide will walk players through how to activate the two musical easter eggs hidden in the Shi-No-Numa Reborn Zombies map in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Both easter egg songs return from previous map interactions, with one being from the original world at war version of the map and the second being the song added to the Zombies Chronicles remake of the map which appeared in black ops 3. The first Easter Egg musical song is the instrumental to the map’s original song “The One” and it is activated by interacting three times with the black telephone found in the Comms Room area of ​​the map.

Vanguard shi no numa music easter eggs

The Easter egg song “Samantha’s Lullaby” can be played by performing the same steps as present in black ops 3 that take place in and around the fishing hut. Inside the building you’ll find four pots hanging on the wall that you’ll need to shoot in any order, all pictured below. The screenshots shown below are taken from The gaming revolutionfrom YouTube on the subject!

The first two pots are in the room directly to the left of the cabin entrance. One is on the same wall as the door that serves as the entrance to the building while the other is on the left side wall of the cabin. The third pan is in the room opposite the entrance. The last section is directly to the right of the entrance to the fishing hut.

Once they are all downed, you can head to the pile of hay and fish shown in the photo below which is in the room to the left of the Hut. Here you can interact with a Samantha Maxis doll to take the next step. Go back to the bridge between the fishing hut and the central building. You will find a small doll on one of the pillars on the side of the bridge with a music box playing. Shoot it and it will teleport to another pillar. Shoot the doll again and keep shooting the teleporting doll until it stops spawning on the bridge.

Vanguard shi no numa music easter eggs

Return to the original doll in the fishing shack and interact with her to get a Max Ammo and the “Samantha’s Lullaby” musical Easter egg to play.

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