Warzone Fortune Dungeon Might Have Multiple Easter Eggs, Hints Director

Raven’s Senior Creative Director has hinted that the next Fortune’s Keep Warzone map will have more than one Easter egg!

Warzone players love to uncover the secrets of all Battle Royale maps. Starting with bunker codes in Verdansk, every map has at least a few Easter Eggs to find.

Some Easter Eggs are small like the messages from the Morse Code Lab in Caldera while others can be totally game-changing. For example, Vihkor’s Keycard Easter Egg on Rebirth Island gives you a free loadout.

And now that we know the new Fortune’s Keep Warzone map is coming soon, players are already excited for the prospect of another Easter egg to complete.

Fortune Dungeon

However, it looks like players are in for a treat when Fortune’s Keep arrives. It seems very likely that the map could have more than one Easter egg!

But before you get to the potential of the new Easter Eggs, check out Fortune’s Keep Warzone’s full map and release date.

Fortune’s Keep Warzone Map Could Have Many Easter Eggs

Creative Director at Raven Software Ted Timmins hinted that the next Fortune’s Keep Warzone map will have more than one Easter egg.

In response to a tweet from Timmins, Warzone content creator Mr. Fishy McFish raised the possibility of an easter egg on the new Fortune’s Keep map.

Timmins then responded briefly, saying “plural” and then tagged High Moon Studios on the thread. It is one of the support studios currently working on Warzone.

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While that’s not much, it surely hints that there will be more than one Easter egg for players to complete in the new Fortune’s Keep map.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about Fortune’s Keep and potential Easter Eggs very soon. The news should arrive any day now, because the Warzone Season 4 release date is fast approaching!

Until then, make sure you know the 5 best K/D weapons for Rebirth Island. These weapons will likely be top notch for Fortune’s Keep too!

In other news, Fortune’s Keep isn’t the only new map players are excited about. A huge leak has revealed the full Warzone 2.0 map and its POIs.

Plus, many of these locations will be familiar to Call of Duty fans. Indeed, a load of classic MW2 maps will be in Warzone 2.0.

In fact, an iconic MW2 map has already been confirmed to return in Warzone 2.0!

Alicia R. Rucker