Warzone’s Operation Monarch Brings ‘A Ton’ Of Godzilla & Kong Easter Eggs: ‘Go Hunting’

Warzone Season 3 is expected to be one of the most groundbreaking updates in recent memory, and the introduction of high-value loot zones could prove to be one of the patch’s biggest additions.

When you land in Warzone, the early game goal is to loot. This means hunting down valuable loot on the ground or opening supply boxes in hopes of picking up a high rarity item.

Because the start of the game is so crucial to your odds, many players like to land in the same spot every time. While the loot available at these POIs is never exactly the same, it’s worth finding an area where a decent amount of loot spawns and heading to that location.

With this in mind, the developers of Warzone Raven Software try to prevent players from landing in the same spot repeatedly, and their new high-value loot areas may be the perfect way to do that.

What are Warzone High Value Loot Zones?

When players jump into a match and look at their map, they will see that some points of interest have a dollar sign next to them, indicating that they are a high value loot area.

These areas will have high-level loot, resurgence crates that fill up over time, and lots of cash that competitors can use to purchase loadouts or streaks.

Speaking to CharlieIntel, Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins explained that the team has noticed a “genuine tendency to keep dropping in the same place”, and these new high-value loot areas will encourage players to drop into new places. new areas they may not have visited.

“Now that we’ve re-deployed the balloons, maybe you’ll move to a mid-game because you know there’s going to be more loot there, refreshing over time,” Timmins said. “Also, one of the things we hear a lot is that players coming back from the Gulag feel like there aren’t many places they can land and re-equip.”

Warzone player opening loot crate

When are High Value Loot Zones coming to Warzone?

During the extensive interview with Timmins, the Senior Creative Director confirmed that high-value loot areas will appear first in Operation Monarch, the limited-time Godzilla vs. King Kong mode launching on May 11. .

Timmins has not specifically confirmed when they will appear in regular modes on Caldera or Rebirth Island. We’ll be sure to update this article with any new information as it becomes available.

High-value loot zones are just one of the major additions in Warzone Season 3. Raven opened up the controversial Peak POI to allow for more volcano-top combat, while also shaking up the weapon meta with some major balancing changes for Sniper Rifles.

Image Credits: Raven Software

Alicia R. Rucker