‘Wednesday’ co-creator says the show has lots of Easter eggs and of course goofy trees

Picture via Netflix

While some TV shows or movies are the product of a singular visual mind, Wednesday won’t be one of them. The next show The Addams Family takes place in a very detailed environment which, according to one creator, is the product of many people.

Miles Millar, who developed the play alongside Alfred Gough before handing it over to Tim Burton to direct, reveals the information in a new article published by Weekly entertainment. In the show, the academy that Wednesday attends saw several people each put their own spin on things in the background of the set.

“There are a lot of Easter eggs and a lot of detail,” says Millar. “At one point we had 30 different artists making different statues, gargoyles and elements. So in the quad we have eight beautifully rendered gargoyles. And if you look at the arches, they’re actually designed as almost open-mouthed monsters in terms of their jaws. So much detail and so much thought has gone into every aspect of each set in terms of color choices, easter eggs and also the sense of aging, really making sure everything feels like it’s been there for ages. Nothing should seem new. Nothing should feel like it was store bought. Everything should have a patina of age.

Later in the article, Millar reveals that Burton designed the twisted shaft featured in the trailers. He also says the contrast between Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, and her roommate, Enid, is fun. Unlike most people today, the fictional character previously played by Christina Ricci in an alternate continuity will not be burdened with our modern sorrows in this production.

“She has a gramophone and she loves to listen to old vinyl. She is very old school. She doesn’t have a computer. She doesn’t have a cell phone. She doesn’t believe in social media. So he’s really someone out of his time, whereas Enid is totally up to date and totally up to date.

Wednesday will feature the other family members when it airs. Someone has also been cast to play Uncle Fester, though those behind the part declined to say who the character will be and leave it as a surprise for fans when it airs. Additionally, the play is meant to be close to other adaptations of the characters and won’t lose the macabre/crazy tone of the franchise already seen in two movies decades ago.

Alicia R. Rucker