Welcome to Raccoon City Easter Eggs and References Explained

2021 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City acts as a reset for the movie segment of the franchise, following the events of video games to a more faithful degree than previous iterations. There are many references that will be easily recognized by those with even a cursory knowledge of the franchise, such as the characters, outfits, and zombies. However, in a movie that relies on imagery and story elements from several different video games (some of which are over twenty years old), some details will inevitably be missing. We’ve put together an Easter Egg guide and references dotted throughout the movie. Beware of upcoming spoilers.

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Truck’s driver

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A first scene of Welcome to Raccoon City hitchhiking Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario), the truck driver who picked her up and the truck driver’s Doberman as they drive to Raccoon City. The driver, distracted by his conversation with Claire and her messy burger, collides with a woman standing in the road. The scene is almost a shot-for-shot reconstruction of a scene from the recent Resident Evil 2 remaster, with the notable difference that the trucker is attacked by the infected woman in the game, while in the film he is infected by her dog.


Jill Sandwich

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At the beginning of the film, the STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) agents sit together in a restaurant in Raccoon City, joking among themselves before receiving their mission. In the blink of an eye and you will miss it, fan favorite character Jill Valentine (Hannah john kamen) playfully snatches a Wesker sandwich (Tom hopper), teasing, “It’s a Jill sandwich now.” This is a reference to the original resident Evil game, where Barry Burton saves Jill from a room with a collapsing ceiling, joking, “It was too close, you were almost Jill’s sandwich!” The line was updated in the game’s 2002 remake to: “It was an end, a second late, you could well have gotten into a sandwich.” For our money, we think the movie features the less squeaky iteration of the joke.

Tasty itching

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Back in Raccoon City, Claire visits her brother Chris (Robbie amell) to house. As she moves around the house, she notices her neighbor, a distressed mother infected with the T virus, who has written the phrase “Itchy Tasty” with blood on her window. The troubling words refer to a journal called “Guardian’s Journal” featured in the first resident Evil Game. His passages document the owner’s decline in mental state as he succumbs to the t-virus, noting that he feels itchy all over. They also document the murder and consumption of another human, describing it as tasty. The final journal entry contains the entry:



Ashford Twins


Like Claire and Léon (avan Jogia) explore Umbrella’s underground facility, they find a film reel showing Doctor William Birkin (Neal mcdonough) and two young children called the Ashford twins. The demented brother tears off a dragonfly’s wings before dropping its defenseless body into a pile of ants. The film reel is an almost identical recreation of the one found in the game Resident Evil: Code Veronica, which delves deeper into the story of the twins Alfred and Alexia. The pair are said to have developed the T-Veronica virus, and distorted adult versions of the two serve as bosses later in the game.

Spencer Mansion Zombie


When our protagonists enter the Spencer Mansion, they are greeted by quiet hallways and a strange sense of foreboding. They come across a man who seems to be eating something on the floor. Hearing their presence, he looks up from his meal over his shoulder, revealing his grotesque, infected face and his hapless victim. This reflects the first appearance of an Infected in the original. resident Evil game, and has become one of the most iconic images in the franchise.

Would you prefer?

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Much of the charm of welcome to The raccoon town just watched recognizable characters bounce off each other on the big screen. In one of these sequences, Jill Valentine asks her STARS colleague Richard Aiken (Chad rook) whether he would rather die eaten by a giant snake or a great white shark. These two horrific results befall Richard in the resident Evil video game, depending on the decisions made by the player.

First aid spray

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the resident Evil Games have been known to intentionally withhold resources from the player, be it ammo or healing supplies. One of these items, the First Aid Spray, heals the player character, allowing them to live another day fighting zombies infected with the T virus. In the first footage of the film set in Raccoon’s orphanage City, an advertisement for First Aid Spray can be seen in a quick shot.

Palm Pilot Card

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A lot of Welcome to Raccoon City looks like a contemporary movie, and it rarely reminds you that it’s actually set in 1998. One of those callbacks is the Palm Pilot given to Wesker with instructions and maps to help him navigate the mansion Spencer. The maps on the screen are in a style almost identical to those found at the beginning resident Evil Games.

Card Suit Keys

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As Claire and Leon make their way to the Spencer Mansion via underground tunnels from the Raccoon City Orphanage, they use multiple keys to unlock various doors. Each key has a suit of a deck of cards (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades) attached to the top. These same keys are used throughout the Resident Evil 2 Game.

Rocket Launcher Finisher

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In the film’s final footage, Claire, Chris and Leon (avan Jogia) escape from the Umbrella laboratory via an underground train. A heavily mutated William Birkin attacks the train, and for a brief moment, it seems our heroes have found a monster too powerful to be defeated. Cue Leon entering the car from the first class with a new rocket launcher, which he then uses to kill Birkin. It’s a nod to the not-so-subtle tradition of resident Evil with the final bosses ending with projectile missiles, with the number of occurrences increasing as the games moved away from the horror and action.



the resident Evil The franchise is famous for its grotesque and infected monsters, often becoming more and more distorted throughout the game. Welcome to Raccoon City brings several gaming stars to the big screen, including Cerberus, the Licker and Lisa Trevor.

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