Where to find Halo Infinite Easter Eggs like the Giant Sandwich

A screenshot of the big sandwich surrounded by grunts in a dark cave in the game.

Legends say that deep in the caves of Zeta Halo you can find something big and delicious. A sandwich created by the Forerunners, designed to satisfy even the biggest and wildest hunger. They called it … Giant Sandwich. And now just a few days later Infinite halo‘s release, the players have foand that strange Easter egg. And some other secrets too.

Infinite halo is essentially an open world version of the classic Halo formula, so it should come as no surprise that hidden in the map are secrets and Easter eggs. I mean, even before Halo was an open world adventure, older games would still contain lots of Easter eggs and jokes for dedicated hunters to find. And it turns out Infinite is no different.

As spotted by 343 Industries community manager John Junyszek, someone found a small tunnel in the ceiling of a cave. Using the grapple ability to climb the tunnel, xGarbett on YouTube found a giant sandwich surrounded by growls. They apparently love the big snack.

Who built this sandwich? Why did they build it? And more importantly, since I’m hungry, how old is he and do you think it’s safe to eat again?

Another strange Easter egg found by the same player who discovered the giant snack is an original Xbox console. Today it is a fairly old piece of material. In the year 2561, when Infinite halo is defined, it’s pretty darn close to the old one. I wonder if it works? Maybe the Master Cheif can relax and play Blood awakening.

Llike the sandwich, the xbox was hidden in a small space inside a cave. So if you want to find secrets, this is where I would start looking.

Some other Easter Egg players found on Zeta Halo include plush stuffed animals inspired by Halo characters like the referee and even one Halo arcade, which although cool, creates a lot of questions. Maybe not as much as the mega sandwich, but still, Halo tradition nerds like to piece it all together.

Halo Infinite campaign launched just three days ago, on December 8. Still, gamers have already found some wild stuff. Can’t wait to see what people find by next year. Maybe somewhere, at the bottom of a depth, hidden cave, players can find the original DMR and shotgun. It would be nice.

Alicia R. Rucker