White House press briefing receives surprise visit from Easter Bunny | Tendency

The White House celebrated the spirit of Easter Monday (local time) with a staff member dressed as an Easter Bunny making an appearance in the media room as press secretary Jen Psaki concluded her briefing.

The life-size rabbit, appropriately wearing a mask to reflect precautions taken by humans during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, presented memorial eggs and chocolates to reporters in the room.

“We have a special guest. I will say we know this is one of the events where people can take their kids, family members, friends,” White House press secretary said. , Psaki, as the Easter Bunny walked to the podium. “It’s not quite the same. We’ll be making a big one next year, but we still wanted to have a special commemorative visitor and Easter eggs for all of you from the President and the First Lady. “, she added.

The Easter Bunny poses in the Brady Press Room of the White House in Washington, United States, April 5, 2021. (REUTERS)

Earlier in the afternoon, the Easter Bunny appeared at an event where President Joe Biden delivered remarks marking the Easter holidays instead of the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll, which has been canceled for the second year in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic.

From a balcony, the president made brief remarks highlighting the holiday, which he celebrated at Camp David a day earlier. Biden said he looks forward to the return of the Egg Roll next year.

The White House eggs given to reporters were multi-colored and decorated with a photo of a rabbit wearing a mask on the front and signatures of Biden and First Lady Jill Biden on the back, the Hill reported.

Meghan Hays, director of message planning at the White House, then tweeted a photo of herself revealing that she was playing the role of the Easter Bunny during the media room briefing.

“Do they mean when they say ‘other duties as assigned’? she tweeted.

During the event with the President and the First Lady, Lt. Col. Brandon Westling played the role of the Easter Bunny. Below the balcony of the first couple were cutouts of rabbits with masks and egg-shaped cutouts.

The Hill explained that the White House typically hosts hundreds of people for the Easter Egg Roll, where children gather on the South Lawn to participate in the annual tradition as the President and the First Lady watch. But the event was scrapped last year in the early weeks of the pandemic and has been called off again this year as the country struggles to bring the number of cases under control.

The president and the first lady also sent wooden memorial eggs to Covid-19 vaccination sites across the country to mark the holiday.

Alicia R. Rucker