Will the store be open on Easter Sunday 2022?

Easter is here and while it’s not as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving, the holidays are still big enough that some restaurants and shops are closed. But does this include Target? Will you be able to hide from your family and make your way to Target before the big Easter meal?

Unfortunately, Target will not be open on Easter. Target has been closing its doors on Easter for quite some time and this year is no different. This means that it is impossible to escape the family (unless you hide in the bathroom).

This also means that Easter Eve and the day after Easter will be very busy at Target.

So if you need a last minute shirt to add to your Easter outfit, an item to make your home more stretchy, or something to make your Easter dinner perfect, there will most likely be lines. waiting at the checkout. It’s probably best to order everything days in advance so you don’t have to queue or wait in your car for curbside service.

Target is not open on Easter this year

If you head to Target the day after Easter, there’s sure to be a ton of sales on Easter candy. If you’re particularly fond of Easter candy, now’s the perfect time to stock up on PEEPS, jellybeans (especially the Starburst ones), chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs. But be sure to arrive early or it could all be gone.

So while everyone’s favorite all-in-one store is closed this Easter, there will likely still be plenty of deals the next day. Just shake yourself out of your ham coma, eat some jellybeans for an energy boost, and head to your local target.

What are you going to do on Easter? Do you make delicious food? Let us know in the comments below!

Alicia R. Rucker