Will their stores be open for Easter Day 2022?

Spring is winding down and Easter is almost here. And that means Easter egg hunts, delicious meals and last-minute trips to ALDI for groceries.

And when we’re talking about planning those meals or making plans for the holidays in general, sometimes that can mean we have to head to ALDI to get all the stuff. Whether you’re looking for a variety of meats and vegetables or want to plan a charcuterie platter of goodies, they’re the perfect place to stock up and get ready for any occasion.

But what if you forgot something for your meal? What if you need onions, cheeses or even run out of drinks for your guests?

So you might be wondering if they are actually open on Easter Day.

Will ALDI be open on Easter Sunday?

According to our nearest store’s signs and their FAQ page, you’ll definitely need to find another location for those last minute grocery pickups. Indeed, stores across the country will be closed on Easter Sunday (April 17), unless you are in Arizona or California.

So if you need to do any last-minute Easter shopping, you won’t be able to do it at ALDI (except in California and Arizona of course). Instead, you’ll either need to stock up no later than the day before, or head to another store near you.

Of course, if what you need has nothing to do with the holidays and it’s not a necessity, you can always contact the nearest ALDI the day after Easter too, because they will be back at their normal hours.

For even more Easter news, including other shops or restaurants open or closed on Sunday, April 17, check out the rest of our holiday coverage on Guilty Eats.

Alicia R. Rucker