Woman ‘hypnotized’ by ‘supernatural UFO’ spotted in sky on Easter Sunday

Sherrie Fox described being unable to take her eyes off the unusual sight as she enjoyed a picnic near a beauty spot in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire on Sunday

‘Supernatural UFO’ cloud spotted over Gloucestershire

A woman described being “hypnotized” by a “cloud-like UFO” she couldn’t take her eyes off of on Easter Sunday.

Sherrie Fox was enjoying a picnic when she saw the unusual apparition appear in the sky over the River Severn in Newnham, GloucestershireLive reports.

Managing to pull out her phone and snap a quick photo before it disappeared, Sherrie described her inability to take her eyes off it.

Ms Fox said: “I saw this impressive cloud-like UFO over the Newnham Estuary late yesterday afternoon, Easter Sunday.

“I was absolutely mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Luckily I took some pictures because two minutes later it was gone.

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“We had been to Lydney Harbor for a picnic. Then on the way back we stopped for an ice cream and ate it by the river in Newnham. when the cloud appeared in front of us.”

She added that she thought the sighting was supernatural, saying, “Oh my God yes I did.”

The cloud bears a striking resemblance to a flying saucer used by aliens in popular culture.

A similar observation was made in Scotland last month.

Seen across the country, an orb-shaped formation has left people scratching their heads at the bizarre sight, EdinburghLive reports.

Images of the unusual clouds, which formed over parts of Scotland, have been shared by bewildered eyewitnesses.

Met Office experts gave an overview of the unusual sightings which they described as lenticular clouds.

A Met Office spokesman said EdinburghLive “These strange and unnatural clouds sometimes form downwind of hills or mountains.

“They are quite unusual in the British Isles but do occur occasionally.

“They look a lot like the traditional shape of flying saucers in science fiction, and true lenticular clouds are considered one of the most common explanations for UFO sightings around the world.”

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